Welcome to Cepen Park North Residents

Welcome to Cepen Park North Residents 2017-09-24T06:59:30+00:00

CPNRA is a community group for Cepen Park North residents in Chippenham, Wiltshire.  It was set up in 2009 by a group of local resident volunteers to foster a sense of community, and enhance the lives of all who live here.

In a fast-paced world, local decisions directly affecting residents’ lives are made quickly.  Contrarily, it can take some time for news of such proposals to filter down to the people they will effect.   As a consequence, arranging a physical meeting for residents to discuss such issues can take some time to organise, and inevitably will result in a date and time that will not be suitable for all who would wish to attend.

As a consequence, neighbourhood reactions can often be somewhat slow, allowing circumstances to develop until it is almost too late to act appropriately for the benefit of the community as a whole.   Which is why Cepen Park North Residents  is now a primarily web-based organisation whose main resource is this website, through which up-to-date information is provided to help residents stay on top of local issues and respond accordingly.

That does not mean actual meetings are not organised, and our weekly coffee club still gives local residents a chance to get together in a pleasant, relaxed environment to meet with others who live on the estate.

In recent years we have:

  • Fought and won a successful campaign against the building of a 720,000 sq ft regional distribution centre, with over 70 lorry loading bays, by opposing the planning application through meetings with the town and county councils; lobbying our MP and councillors; delivering leaflets to all the properties on Cepen Park North; e-mailing residents on a regular basis; getting residents with expertise in aspects of the plan to provide technical responses; organising walks for residents around the proposed site; and providing the evidence for Heritage England to list the remains of the Romano-British farmstead on the proposed site as a scheduled monument.
  • Opposed various plans by Morrisons to extend their hours of business;
  • Represented Cepen Park North regularly at meetings held at Wiltshire Council and Chippenham Town Council;
  • Lobbied our local councillors on matters relating the aesthetic quality of Cepen Park North; and
  • Organised biannual litter picks in Cepen Park North

If you want to arrange something on the estate, share news, or get together with like-minded local individuals for whatever reason, then we can help by promoting your ideas through the web and via our ever growing e-mailing list. We currently have over 300 (of the 850) households on our e-mailing list.  If you would like to receive regular – but not excessive – e-mails from us, please get in touch..

COFFEE CLUB – Every Wednesday from 10.30 am at the Brewers Fayre.  If you are a home-worker, parent (children’s facilities are available at venue), retired, in-between jobs, at work but able to take time out, or just fancy a coffee and a chat, then come and meet the people that live around you!